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Why did this person even bother calling me??

Fraser Valley Real Estate Video Blog #69 - May 3rd 2010

Why did this person even bother calling me??

Frank Mihal video blogs about a lady who called him to ask him questions about a condo building in East Newton, but wouldn't give him a chance to answer! She was under the impression that any offer written was a subject free offer and a buyer at that point could not back out at all. Frank tried to explain that any offer is conditional on financing, inspections, strata documents etc etc, but again she thought she knew it all and wouldn't let him explain. What was the point of her calling?? If you are going to call a Realtor for questions or advice, please give the Realtor a chance to give it to you! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact Frank at http://www.FrankMihal.ca