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Be carefull when you do this to your townhouse!

Fraser Valley Real Estate Video Blog #78 - June 8th 2010

Be carefull when you do this to your townhouse!

Frank Mihal video blogs to let people know that they should get permission from strata if they are planning on building a wall and blocking off half of their double tandem garage, in order to make an extra "room". The wall itself isn't normally an issue, however the electrical etc that is installed definitely is! You may not only get fined, but the strata may be able to make you take everything out that you put in, so get permission first! If you are purchasing a townhouse with this already done, check with the strata if they have allowed it, so there will be no future headaches or fines. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Frank at http://www.FrankMihal.ca