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Blog by Frank Mihal

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Frank Mihal : This is going to change the entire Real Estate industry if passed!

Frank Mihal video blogs about the Competition Bureau's investigation into CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) that's been going on since the end of 2007. The Bureau wants CREA to remove a number of clauses from the rules and regulations that govern as Realtors across Canada. One in particular they want removed is a clause stating that the listing realtor has to present all offers to the seller. In Franks case, where he had 2 offers on his listings coming in, that would mean he would not have to be there and the buyers Realtor could present the offer directly to the seller, essentially leaving the seller to make a decision without any representation, guidance, explanations or anything else as far as what they should do (which offer to take, counter, reject etc etc). How would you feel if your realtor, who you trust and hired to sell your property, would not be there and you had some other realtor trying to sell you on signing his contract (who is obviously representing the buyer and looking out for his or her best interest). Frank would still be there to present all offers regardless of what CREA's rules and regulations are because AS A REALTOR, THAT IS PART OF HIS JOB...to protect the best interest of his clients, buy says he cant speak on behalf of anyone else. If you have any questions or comments about this topic feel free to contact Frank at http://www.frankmihal.ca