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Blog by Frank Mihal

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Frank Mihal talks about his "high risk list" of Condos in Surrey

Frank Mihal video blogs about how it is not always good enough to just read the monthly minutes to see if a condo building has any problems or issues. He states that there are many buldings in Surrey that are free of any major issues currently but will almost definitely have something big coming down the pipe over the next few years. He shares a story of how one person wanted to buy a condo in a building that he suggested was going to have problems. He found out later that she went and bought that condo through another realtor and 3 months later he received a phone call when the building started to go leaky and said "I should have listened to you Frank!" Frank says you never know, nothing may ever happen, but if you have the choice as a buyer, why take the risk? If you have any questions or comments about this video or would like to talk to Frank about his "High Risk List" of condos in Surrey, feel free to contact him at http://www.frankmihal.ca